Outside the Gate
Our outside the gate program encourages children to explore and investigate the natural world.  This program culminates in our Outdoor Day where we learn more about the Aboriginal culture and spend time setting up our own campsite.
  1. Term 4, 2017
    Our Transition to school program has been operating all year and will culminate this term as our 4 years olds graduate from Preschool. The End of year Christmas concert is an event not to be missed and preparation for this will feature in our school program. In addition this term we will continue our indigenous studies. New parents are invited to a Preschool information night and orientations for children starting in 2018 will take place.
  2. Vacancies
    The Preschool currently has a vacancies in term 4 for children starting school next year. There are currently no spots for children who are 3 and continuing at Preschool in 2018. We are however organizing classes for 2018 for 3 and 4 year olds. Being on the waiting list is the best way to secure one of the these spots. Please contact us for further information. Our waiting list form is available here on our website and tours to see the Preschool are each Tuesday and Thursday at 10.30..
  3. 2018 Enrolments
    In 2018, the preschool will have four classes for children turning 4 before July 31st, 2017 and two classes for 3 year olds. The government have pledged increased funding to community preschools and this has resulted in reduced fees for 2017-18. A full fee schedule can be found in our resources section of the website.
  4. Term 3, 2017
    This term is busy as usual. In week 3 Taronga Zoo will be visiting the Preschool with some of their animals for the children to see and touch. Our annual Big Book Fair takes place in mid August and every child in the Preschool will have the opportunity to purchase a book of their own for $1. Fathers' Day will be celebrated at Preschool in early September with Dads invited to spend time with their children doing fun activities together.

This term the Preschool will be preparing children leaving the Preschool to enter big school next year. Events include a "wear your uniform to school day".

Upcoming Events

We are hoping  to host "Aunty Wendy's Mob" in late November. Aunty Wendy presents a musical program that helps children to understand more about indigenous culture. This has been a helpful and popular event in the passed.
Our end of year amazing concert will take place in the last week of term. This is a delightful event for everyone. Afternoon tea will follow and families and visitors are invited to share with us.

Our chickens have grown up and are friendly and enjoy being with the children and staff when they are left to roam. They have started to lay eggs and affectionately follow staff around.
Want To Know More?
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message.
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